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THE CYGNET IS………Full Place Light PlaneA homebuilt utility airplane design for the occasional pilot who wants to enjoy fun flying with confidence.  It is very maneuverable, yet very stable, with excellent takeoff and climb performance using a Volkswagen engine for power.  It has easily carried two 200-pound pilots, and has ample range and baggage capacity for cross-country flying. It is a no frills flying machine that will cut initial costs and maintenance.

A full two place light plane that retains very good takeoff and climb performance even at gross weight, which includes two pilots, full fuel and 70 pounds of baggage! The airplane provides excellent visibility in a roomy side-by-side cockpit configuration.  Cygnet has true short field performance.  In fact, it will outperform most aircraft in short take offs and landings regardless of horsepower. Cygnet is not a little aircraft, it has a generous 125 square feet wing area and an airfoil selected to provide high lift at low speeds.


CYGNET & Get away weekendDesigned to be used for getting into those remote little rough strips where the big fish are, or for training the student pilot.  The rugged gear can handle the abuse!  The cock pit is roomy, with a step provided for easy access. Easy cockpit entry and exit is assured by the fuselage side step and hand grip atop the nose of the aircraft. Both sides of the windshield open for cockpit access from either side. Plenty of baggage can be carried allowing for a couple to get to far away places quickly. Your weekend can be spent enjoying, not stuck in traffic on the ground! Cygnet’s Volkswagen engine will run perfectly on automobile gasoline to further reduce the cost of flying.

Volkswagon EngineAfter you have built your Cygnet the F.A.A. will issue an aircraft repairman certificate allowing you to do all the maintenance required, even your own annual inspections!  There’s even a preliminary drawing to allow you to build  the Cygnet with easily removable wings, making it easy to store in a smaller space if necessary. Or you can return it to your garage where you have the tools and environment to comfortably work on it if necessary.

Every effort has been made in Cygnet’s design and construction to give you the most utility for the cost, both during construction and after you are flying your Cygnet!