Bert Sisler and Award
Bert Sisler and Award

The designer “Bert Sisler”, builder and pilot soloed in 1941.  He has over 15,000 hours logged in 67 different type airplanes from Jeanie’s Teeny, to B-25, to a DC-10.  Mechanical Engineering degree-University of Minnesota in 1948.  Holds an ATR flight Engineer, Flight Instructor, single-engine, multi-engine, land and sea and glider pilot licenses, and has five years test pilot experience. Bert has also designed 3 successful homebuilt planes. Bert retired from Northwest Orient Airlines October 1983 as a 747 Captain. Bert is truly an accomplish man!


The first prototype, the Whistler SF-2, was awarded the “Outstanding Design Contribution” at the Oshkosh EAA convention in 1973. The design has been approved, made easier to build, made aerodynamically cleaner, and 50 lbs. lighter and in its present configuration, it is now known as the “Cygnet SF-2A”.

Recognition for the Cygnet
Bert Sisler with award & Cygnet

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Read more about Bert Sisler’s achievements in the aviation field. He was honored by EAA chapter 25 for continuing contributions to aviation and the education of others in the field of aviation. The Chapter has named it’s airplane hangar at Airlake Airport the “Bert Sisler Aviation Education Center”. Bert Sisler, whose aviation career spans over 65 years, was recognized because of his continuing contributions to aviation and the education of others in the field. A ceremony took place in Lakeville, Minnesota on June 21st, 2008.