How to Order


The charge for a set of plans, and the right to build “one” Cygnet is $200.00 U.S. Funds.  This includes postage.  For airmail add an extra $5.00. For our overseas customers plans are $225.00 and this cost includes airmail postage.  Wisconsin residents please add 5.5% sales tax.  Plans will be sent on receipt of funds.  No C.O.D.’s please. If you are ready to obtain a set of plans, please email us at:, and we will send you a license agreement.  Please sign and return a copy via email.  An airplane serial number will be assigned to you and one copy of the purchase agreement will be returned along with your Cygnet plans.


After you have received your plans and have started to build, sometimes a question will come up that a builder needs help with.  After all these are “amateur built aircraft” and amateurs do need help sometimes to solve problems that they have never encountered before.  We are here to answer your questions and give you expert advice based on many years of homebuilding.  This advice is available to you by phone 6 days a week (No Sundays) or by email.  There is no charge for the builder for this support.  Most builders require very little help, and some with less experience will require more.  We are here to help if you need us!